Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you! Thank you everyone who came to the LIDO Volley Fest and made this day so special and exciting! We had big fun, great games and happy people here! Conglaturations to the winners and see you all next year in the festival!

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Men A:

1st place/1.vieta: COOP Kilingi-Nõmme

2nd place/2.vieta: Vecumnieki

3rd place/3.vieta: VK Ventspils


Men B:

1st place/1.vieta: Vecmuiža

2nd place/2.vieta: Valmiera

3rd place/3.vieta: Lido


Men C:

1st place/1.vieta: Selver Tallinn Spordikool

2nd place/2.vieta: Vecumnieku Sporta Skola

3rd place/3.vieta: Mulgi Vald


Women A:

1st place/1.vieta: Volejbola klubs Rīga MIX

2nd place/2.vieta: SK Lēdurga/Krimulda

3rd place/3.vieta: Silves


Women B:

1st place/1.vieta: Vecumnieki

2nd place/2.vieta: Tõrva VK

3rd place/3.vieta: VK Kramp N2



1st place/1.vieta: SK Lokomotīve

2nd place/2.vieta: Tallinn Airport

3rd place/3.vieta: Saaremaa