Regulations English

1. General information
1.1. Event: VolleyFest 2024 (further in the text: Tournament) is an International volleyball tournament, played outside on natural or artificial grass courts, following the Indoor volleyball rules.
1.2. Date: July 27, 2024.
1.3. Location: LNK Sports Park, Lejupes Street 5, Riga, Latvia. Games will be played on 12-16 volleyball courts simultaneously.
1.4. Participants: Male, Female, MIX, U15, U18 teams from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukrain, Finland and other countries.

2. Management
2.1. The tournament is organized by the nonprofit organization “EVL nodibinājums”, Reg.No.: LV40008226264.
2.2. VolleyFest director: Jānis Stukuls, +371 26427173
2.3. Website:

3. Participants
3.1. The Tournament will be carried out in the following categories:
3.1.1. Men A (high amateur level)
3.1.2. Men B (intermediate, beginners)
3.1.3. Women A (advanced, intermediate)
3.1.4. Women B (beginners, novice)
3.1.5. MIX (3 male + 3 female)
3.1.6. U15 girls (Born 2009-2011)
3.1.7. U15 boys (Born 2009-2011)
3.1.8. U18 girls (Born 2006-2008)
3.1.9. U18 boys (Born 2006-2008)
3.2. Each team is entitled to list up to 12 players.
3.3. Players, who play for the National Teams or in the season of 2023/2024 participated in the Baltic League in Volleyball or in other national championship can only participate in Men A and Women A categories.

4. Order of Contest
4.1. The games are played in accordance of FIVB official volleyball rules. There are no technical timeouts used. The length of each game will be determined according to the number of teams participating.
4.2. The order of play will be determined according to the number of teams participating. Each team is guaranteed at least 3 games.
4.3. A team has to start the game with at least 6 players (in case a player is injured during the game, the team is allowed to finish the game with 5 players with a permission of the opposing team). It is allowed to start a game with only 5 players only with a permission of the opposing team.
4.4. In case a team has started a game with 7 players, from which 1 is a libero player and a player is injured, it is allowed for the libero player to substitute the injured player and play the remaining part of the game as a regular player.
4.5. Players, which are team members are allowed to get involved in the game also if they have not been present at the beginning of the game. If a team has started game with only 5 players (with the permission of the opposing team), the 6th player can get involved in the game only from the beginning of a new set.
4.6. If a team withdraws from the competition, it gets technical loses in all the remaining games, but the previous results remain in the table. The participation fee is not returned.
4.7. All teams are playing in one color uniforms. Libero player plays in a different color uniform.
4.8. The games are played with Mikasa MVA200 ball unless both teams agree on another ball to be used.
4.9. It is allowed to play the games in sports shoes. However, it is forbidden to use shoes with studs (e.g. football shoes).
4.10. In the MIX games the net is 243 cm high.
4.11. The competitor is responsible for observing the norms and values established in the World Anti-Doping Code.

5. Applications and financial terms
5.1. Applications of the teams should be filled electronically at the Tournament website:
5.2. The participation fee is:
5.2.1. If applying and bank transferring the participation fee until June 1, 2024: EUR 80
5.2.2. If applying and bank transferring the participation fee until July 10, 2024: EUR 100
5.2.3. If applying and bank transferring the participation fee until July 24, 2024: EUR 120
5.3. The registration for the tournament is closed on July 24, 2024 at 23:59.

6. Awards
6.1. Teams having taken places 1-3 in each of the categories are awarded with cups, medals and prizes.

7. VolleyFest details
Nonprofit organization: EVL nodibinājums
Latvian 40008226264
Bank account no.: LV24HABA0551038810449
Bank: AS Swedbank Latvia